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America's Unknown Known History

America’s Unknown Known History: Where we dive in to what was once taught in American Education. You will get to see replicas of school books. Learn more about the truth behind Separation of Church and State, why did Thomas Jefferson have a Quran? Are we a Christian Nation? How and why did we get In God We Trust as our National Motto? And more!  


America's Unknown Known History in PDF and supporting exhibits.  You can contact me using the form on the "Contact Us" page if you need a different version of the lecture like in PowerPoint.

-America's Unknown Known History PDF and PowerPoint

-Exhibit A: Franklin's Appeal for Prayer at the Constitutional Convention

-Exhibit B:  A Modell of Christian Charity

-Exhibit C: Affidavit in Support of The Ten Commandments

-Exhibit D: History of the Bible in Print

-Exhibit E: Platform of the National Socialist German Workers' Party

-Exhibit F: Bill of Responsibilities

-Exhibit G: Thanksgiving Proclamations


-Exhibit H1: One Nation Under God

-Exhibit H2: One Nation Under God Two

-Exhibit H3: Sermon that influenced One Nation Under God

-Exhibit I: Church in the US Capitol

-Exhibit J: Morse Code

-Exhibit M: John Adams' letter to his wife on the first prayer in the Continental Congress

-Exhibit N: Webster Bible

-Exhibit O: Webster's History of the United States

-Exhibit P: A Vindication of the Government of the New England Churches

-Exhibit Q: Reverend Jonas Clark: Battle of Lexington Sermon

-Exhibit R: History of the Black Robe Regiment

-Exhibit S: No the Founding Fathers Did Not Want Pastors to Stay out of Politics

-Exhibit T: The Founding Fathers on the Bible and Jesus

-Exhibit U: Separation of Church and State

-Exhibit V: America's War on Terror, Part 1

-Exhibit W: America's War on Terror, Part 2

-Exhibit X: The Pilgrims Tried Socialism

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