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Should the Church be involved in cultural issues? Absolutely. Every topic is Biblical before it is political. Every topic spoken of is addressed in the Bible.  Salvation and the Truth of the Gospel are all encompassing for individuals, families and nations!  So goes the Church so goes the nation. So goes the Church so goes the world.  The Church is a bedrock in any society.  For more information on how Pastors influenced America's founding, check out   



Get informed on the true meaning of Separation of Church and State. See PDF. 









Bring a voter registration drive to your Church!!! When the silent majority does their part, our culture does better.

Use these PDF's to promote Biblical Citizenship in your Church.  Note: some of the websites are out of date that referenced.




 Learn the proper view of Romans 13, and should we just submit to our government officials?   Click here for more info.

Should Christians vote?  Voter guides.  More resources for Pastors and Churches.  Click here for more info.

To go the Cascade County elections office website, click here.

For the Montana Secretary of State website, click here.

Register to vote online, Voter Registration |

Are you military? Need help with an absentee ballot and more?  Go to Montana Election and Voter Services page, by clicking here: Election & Voter Services - Montana Secretary of State - Christi Jacobsen (

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Copy of my lecture for you


A few years ago, Alliance Defending Freedom came out with a book called: “Protecting Your Ministry”. Churches or Christian organizations should be amending their bylaws and Church Constitutions. See PDF for download.


This is a good example of a booth.   Booths or tables I have seen have a sign that says: "Register to Vote" and "Vote your values". Folks have information on party platforms and where the Bible stands.

Get voter guides, get information on if Christians should be involved in politics and more! From Wallbuilders. Click here for more information.


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