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Tim Barton was in Great Falls, Montana, on 2/19/2023 and he held a special roundtable for Pastors and representatives and he explained with The Coach Kennedy Supreme Court decision of 2022, Lemon laws have been overturned, and we should be taking advantage of our rights and freedoms.  For example, we have the following:
1) we can promote prayer
2) keep the 10 Commandments in class
3) pay for "in God We Trust" placards and these can be placed in government facilities
4) religious schools and/or religious people can use public schools as they are funded by our tax dollars
5) the Bible CAN be taught as a history book or literature book
6) promote Pulpit Freedom Sunday - you can speak on any issues of the day from the pulpit.  Don't believe the nonsense of the 501c3 status

For more information on how Lemon being overturned affects our freedoms and how you can defend and assert your freedoms, go here today: Renewed Hope and A New Dawn for Religious Freedom - News - First Liberty


You can download this as a PDF. Click this red icon.

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