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Interpreting Romans 13


"God has blessed us with a Constitutional Republic, with we the people as the ultimate civil authority under our founding documents. That means to not be involved, to not voice a Biblical view of patriotism and citizenship, is a dereliction of duty... a wicked and slothful servant burying the talent instead of using, investing, & multiplying this particular talent of freedom and self-government. Patriotism is, in fact love of country and devotion to the values of your country. We could not have that and be Biblical worldview Christians if our system of government was not Biblically based, but thankfully here in America, it is."

-America's Constitution Coach, Rick Green

The American Revolution: Was it an Act of Biblical Rebellion?  See PDF.

Was it Biblical to for us to separate from Great Britain?

Very good sermon ... on Romans 13 ... (not aimed at anyone here), but should we have "Unlimited Submission or Peaceful Rebellion"? How would America look if we wouldn't have had the Revolution, or how would have Nazi, Germany turned out differently if the Church rose up?


Doctrine Of The Lesser Magistrate - With Colonel John Eidsmoe ( 

Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates in a nuthsell with Pastor Matt Trewhella


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