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The Influence of the Bible in America

The Influence of the Bible in America: Were the Founding Fathers agnostics and deists, or did their faith have something to do with creating the greatest country on earth?  Come and learn how the Bible influenced Civil Law, what our Founding Fathers thought of the Bible, and how the Bible is woven in to every part of the American culture.


The Influence of the Bible in America in PDF and supporting exhibits.  You can contact me using the form on the "Contact Us" page if you need a different version of the lecture like in PowerPoint.

-The Influence of the Bible in America PDF:

-Exhibit A: A Few Declarations of Founding Fathers and Early Statesmen on Jesus, Christianity   and the Bible.



-Exhibit B: Ringing of the Liberty Bell 

-Exhibit C: Liberty Bell

-Exhibit D: The American Founding and the Federal Era (1785-early-1800s)

-Exhibit E: How Does Jeremiah 17:9 Relate to the Constitutional Separation of Powers?”

-Exhibit F: 

-Exhibit G: Franklin’s Appeal for Prayer at the Constitutional Convention



-Exhibit H: American Revolution (1765-1785)



-Exhibit I: John Adams Letter to his wife on the first prayer in the Continental Congress



-Exhibit J: Morse Code



-Exhibits K, L, and M: “Discovery and Planting 1492-1600”, “Museum of the Bible”, and “First Bibles in America” 

-Exhibits N and O: “Aitkens Bible” and “Aitken Bible for download”

-Exhibit P: Webster Bible for download

-Exhibit Q: FDR Bibles of WWII

-Exhibit R: Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments

-Exhibit S: A Modell of Christian Charity

-Exhibit T: The DOI and Constitution Linked Plymouth Rock

-Exhibits U, V, W: "Natural Law and Sir William Blackstone”, “The Bible and Self-Defense” and “The American Revolution Was it an Act of Biblical Rebellion”

-Exhibit X - The Defense of the Bible in Schools

-Exhibit Y - Did George Washington Actually Say _So Help Me God_ During His Inauguration

-Exhibit Z - Memoirs and Letters of James Kent

-Exhibit AA- Commentaries on American Law by James Kent

-Exhibit BB- Webster's History of the United States

-Exhibit CC - New England Primer

-Exhibit DD - Church in the US Capitol

-Exhibit EE- Daniel Webster Defender of the Constitution

-Exhibit FF- The Private Life of Daniel Webster

-Exhibit GG- Democracy in America

-Exhibit HH - 1816 American Bible Society Constitution 

-Exhibit II - First American Bible Society 

-Exhibit JJ- Officers of the American Bible Society

-Exhibit KK - Truth Behind Separation of Church and State

-Exhibits BWV 1 -8 -  Human Sexuality, Religious Liberty, Political Engagement, Pro-Life Engagement, A Parent's Guide to the Transgender Movement in Education, Stem Cell Research, The Biblical Foundation for Christian Zionsim, CRT- Hillsdale


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