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Questions to ask Pastors, new Pastors, potential church board members:

1) How do you define success?

2) What is your view of Romans 13? Look at the Heroes of the Hall of Faith — all of them defied government.

Revelation 21:8 clearly states the cowards will not inherit the Kingdom of God. Are we cowardly when we are silent?

3) If you are the Shepherd of the sheep, who are the wolves and how do you intend on protecting the sheep?

4) Are you a theological conservative (actually believing the entire Bible is without error?).

5) Do you believe the Bible speaks to all areas of life?

6) Are you willing to preach on all areas of life?

7) How do we make disciples?

8) When should we submit to government and when should we defy government? A good resource is Lex Rex (it can be purchased here)

9) Why do we render the things unto Caesar that are God’s? Do we know what is God’s or Caesar’s?

-From Tim Barton of Wallbuilder's when asked "What do I ask a new potential Pastor as I am the search committee as my Senior Pastor is retiring"?  9/24/2022

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