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About StarsandStripes316

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About Me and Contact Information:

I am a Constitution Teacher and an Enthusiast!


Calling upon the Church of God to be salt and light by promoting and preserving our Biblical, Historical, Constitutional, and Providential Heritage while reflecting on the attributes of God and growing in a Biblical Worldview.  Our history is nothing to be ashamed of.  Truth has not changed.  We must be unequivocal and unapologetic in our society.


In my early 20’s, someone posted a  picture on Facebook saying America was not a Christian nation.  He was  an atheist and I was Christian.  Obviously, our view points were opposite ends of the spectrum.  Something did not sit right with me when I saw this picture.

So, I embarked on a quest to understand if America was a Christian nation. 

I was public schooled, and remember singing Patriotic Songs, reciting the Pledge.  I remember learning about the Pilgrims’ Thanksgiving and how they ate together to thank God.  I further recall being taught about guns and that they are used to keep government in line.

I was introduced to Wallbuilders as I had some friends in Amway, and Wallbuilders is known to speak at Free Enterprise Days.

Once I was introduced, I started studying and could not stop.  Here we are years later.


I am willing to come speak to your Church about America's founding from a Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Perspective.  Please navigate through my website to see what classes I offer.

Credentials: Lifetime Independent Constitution Coach through Patriot Academy, Local and National Constitution Coach Mentor, Constitutional Defense Graduate, and Embassy Church founder and member.  

I also got to meet America's Constitution Coach, Rick Green at Front Sight Firearms Training (see below for picture) and see below for information on Front Sight.  I also got to meet Tim Barton (America's top Christian Historian's son).

Please go to the "Contact Us" page and contact me today!


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